Wind Power Generation

Wind Energy offers many advantages because it’s clean, sustainable and cost effective to produce with the technology that's available. As with a lot of renewable energy resources, it all depends on the location and client needs.

Balance core focus on remote and edge of grid locations such as islands, often means that wind is a resource that needs to be taken into consideration, but this has its challenges with infrastructure.

Balance works closely with XANT, an innovative OEM that provides wind turbines that are extremely well suited for remote and edge of grid locations. These turbines have been developed from the ground up, whilst keeping in mind the logistical challenges in these locations with regards to transport, installation and maintenance of the installation. Balance designs, delivers and maintains solutions that integrate the XANT turbine, with the grid, other renewable resources, battery storage and diesel or gas generators.

Please contact the Balance team or visit the XANT website for your wind power generation enquiries.

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