Solar Power Generation

Balance provides its clients with utility, small and midscale commercial solar solutions. We provide complex integrations with solar installations, making sure the system works seamlessly with the grid, generator sets, batteries or other renewable sources of energy.

Utilizing the typical Balance approach, we start with a client consultation to identify current and projected energy requirements:

Understanding your needs is paramount to design and deliver effective solar solutions.

Balance provides consultancy, design, delivery and support for your system and solution. We not only design for the present but also for the future, so you can scale according to your future needs.

Specifically commercial scale solar projects that need to be connected to the grid have different requirements. Know-how and expertise of the utility sector and grid is very important. This is where the experience of Balance staff plays a crucial role in the delivery of your system.

Balance works closely with tier 1 manufactures to best meet your needs and quality standards.

For small-scale commercial solar solutions in Australia that need grid connection and/or need battery integration, Balance has a dedicated entity: Solar Balance.

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