Renewable Hybrid Power Systems Stable, reliable, cost effective energy generation

Balance have developed Renewable Hybrid Power Systems with two main clients in mind:

  • Utilities with remote & islanded power requirements
  • Clients that look for renewable integration in traditional power systems

Our clients that utilize diesel power generation are faced with continuously increasing operating costs. Falling prices of renewable energy components make Balance Renewable Hybrid Power Systems an economically and environmentally attractive alternative.

How does it work?

The Renewable Hybrid Power System allows a utility to generate their own renewable energy to cover load while storing the excess energy within the LiFePO4 batteries.

The stored Photovoltaic (PV) energy is then utilised within the consumer’s facility when the PV energy is less than the load.

Depending on the energy demand, we can integrate a fossil fuel generator in a Renewable Power System to ensure stable and reliable energy provision. This also allows us to provide a more cost effective solution to our customers, since we can optimise the size of the batteries vs. the size of the generator.

A correctly designed system will drive consumer behaviour to consume more energy when more energy is available from renewables and minimise any requirements for backup fossil fueled energy.

Application: Off-Grid

Off-Grid Energy Storage Battery System Graph

What are the key advantages of Renewable Power Systems?

Lower costs

There are no utility connection and energy fees. As a result, costs will be lower, especially in Greenfield situations. It also means less impact from rising fuel costs and energy supplies.

Less time

There is no need for a utility application, therefore faster delivery of the energy solution.

High reliability

We provide an uninterrupted power supply that is no longer affected by power outages of the grid.


With energy storage, you have the ability to shift PV energy consumption from the time of PV generation.


By utilising a renewable resource, we remove a large proportion of fossil fuel generation and lower our carbon footprint for years to come. It provides compliance with CO2 regulations.


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