Renewable EnergyIntegration Approach & Analysis

Balance works with both utilities and commercial clients to assess the levels of renewable energy that may be connected at a site, network or power station.

Renewable Energy Integration for Utility clients

In order to make the overall process of renewable energy integration safe, more transparent, efficient and effective, we have developed a methodology that can be tailored with individual utilities. We call this our “Managed and Controlled Process for Safe Renewable Integration”. This process allows our clients to methodically manage the interconnection of any future renewable installations on their power system. The outcome of the process is to provide our clients with the following:

  1. An Incremental Approach to Renewable Integration allowing managed risk approach
  2. An Annual Review Methodology
  3. An Application Process which logs connections and ensures they meet the required standards of the Renewable Energy Integration for Utility clients

To customise and populate the methodology for renewable integration, we need to conduct a whole of network renewable integration system study. This will consist of the following items:

Power System Approach
  1. Define the systems ability to permit connection of renewable generation
  2. Develop Hosting Capacity Limits
  3. Define Interconnection Rules
Local Interconnection Approach
  1. Client Application
  2. Internal Engineering Check
  3. Client Connection Approval
  4. Commissioning Witness for Larger System

The combination of this initial renewable system integration specific work and transfer of the learnings to the utility, enable our clients to self manage the interconnection of any future renewable installation on their networks.

Renewable Integration for Commercial clients

For Commercial clients, we provide an energy audit service that measures and details the following for a facility:

  • energy consumption; load profile
  • define large loads
  • define any loss of energy
  • quantify any other criteria such as loss of production due to poor power quality

We are then able to provide a cost-benefit analysis for an energy efficiency improving measure such as:

  • change in lighting type to LED
  • provide a solar PV or small wind turbine assessment
  • solar-battery UPS system for important loads
  • install variable speed drive onto pumps/motors

We can provide fixed price quotes and performance guarantees in addition to the analysis to ensure the capital cost estimates and benefits may be realised by the client.

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