Energy ProjectsDesign & Construction

Balance has successfully completed a wide range of midscale energy projects from design through to construction. Below is a cross-section of some of the projects Balance has executed.

100kW Solar PV Plant and Integration - Vital Petrocorp, Cabras Fuel Terminal, Guam
In 2012 Balance completed its first large commercial scale solar farm for its Micronesian energy partner Vital Petrocop at its Cabras fuel terminal in Guam. Balance undertook system design, procurement and manufacture of some key components, project approvals including grid connection, construction management, system commissioning and system monitoring, operator training and handover.

77kW Grid Connected Solar PV - Mazenod College, Perth, WA
Balance undertook system design, procurement, and manufacture of some key components, project approvals including grid connection, construction, system commissioning and system monitoring, operator training and handover. The network authority, Western Power, required a zero gird export solution to enable connection of the system to the grid. Balance designed, developed and built the required solution the Balance Grid Integration Box (GIB), which has been approved by Western Power.

6MW Stand-By Power Station - Perth Market Authority, Perth WA
Balance designed, built, commissioned and maintains a 6 MW diesel standby power station for Perth Market Authority to ensure continuous power supply to the Authority's clients. The station comprises 3 fully packaged Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5MW MGC series diesel generators, automated fuel system and station controls and switchboards. The station operates on a fully autonomous and unmanned basis. When a grid fault is detected the market is disconnected from the grid with the station then taking over supply. The process is reversed once gird power is reestablished.

2MW Emergency Power Station - Vital Petrocorp, Pohnpei FSM
Balance designed, built and commissioned a 2 MW diesel emergency power station within four months for its Micronesian energy partner Vital Petrocorp to assist in the alleviation of power shortage s and operational issues in the main powerhouse. The solution comprises four packaged Volvo 500kVA diesel generators, a fuel system, control room and switch-room. Balance has been providing operating, maintenance and asset management support to the station since commissioning.

100 kW Solar PV and Energy Storage System - Ngangganawilli Health Services, Wiluna
Along with its main supplier BYD Auto Industries, Balance developed and deployed for the first time a solar PV and solar smoothing application for use by larger commercial customers connected to remote utility grids of NHS in Wiluna. The project scope comprised the design, procurement, delivery and commissioning of a 100 kW solar System with 100 kWh of battery energy storage.

World Health Organisation - Pohnpei, Micronesia
Uninterrupted Power Supply - Balance designed, procured, built, commissioned and provides ongoing operational and maintenance support for a UPS system for the WHO facility in Pohnpei, Micronesia. The system comprises ac20 kVA packaged generator, automatic transfer switch and 2 battery UPS.

50MW Gas Fired Power Station, Transformer Specification and Installation - IPP, Yangon, Myanmar
In 2013 Balance entity Barclay Engineering (no longer part of the Balance Group) supplied and installed an 80 x 22m power house, gas skid, air intakes and dischargers, exhaust system, mufflers, internal fuel, lube oil and water systems. Balance Utility Solutions specified sourced and commissioned the two 32MVA step up generation transformers for the power plant.

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