Battery Energy Integration Storage & Integration

The continuous technical improvements of energy storage and the lowering cost base of battery storage in particular, have a profound impact on the viability of renewable resources.

Balance is at the forefront of developing applications and integration of battery storage systems. Working with leading academia as well as OEM’s, we continue to develop and improve battery storage applications whilst at the same time understanding the implications for grid and renewable integration. Balance currently provides a number of key applications for the integration of battery storage with solar energy generation depending on the size of the overall system.

  1. Grid Minimisation: This integration focuses on minimizing the use and therefore cost of grid supplied electricity based on different variables.
  2. Grid UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply): This integration focuses reliability and energy security, providing back-up power in case of a grid outage or interruption.
  3. Off-Grid: This integration focuses on locations that are off-grid and manages supply of the renewable energy source with the demand of the off-grid customer, utilizing battery storage.
  4. Solar Smoothing: This integration allows commercial customers to feed renewable energy back to grid. It meets and complies with the Utility Stringent Standards for return of electricity on commercial scale back to the grid.
  5. Solar Pumping: This integration allows for powering pumps by means of stored, renewable generated, electricity.

Currently, Balance is working on additional applications which will be available in the future. Solar Balance, one of the entities in the Balance Group, is the distributor for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific for BYD storage products. A range of battery storage products is available, depending on the application and size of the system.

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