Balance Advisory Services

Energy Audit and Energy Strategy Development

Balance provides an advisory service to clients with a high-energy load and therefore a high annual electricity cost. Balance analyses current energy supply arrangements and the energy consumption of the client's business and develops concept options for energy use reduction and alternative energy provision. This analysis is backed up with solid and realistic capital and operating costs for each option giving the client a clear and priced/budgeted energy management strategy and actions.

Community Engagement and Energy Options Assessment

Balance provides an advisory service to utility clients to engage with remote communities, understand their current energy use and costs, identify ability and willingness to pay for energy and identify and assess, based on Levelised Cost of Energy, the best and most viable energy supply options.

Operational and Asset Management Support

Balance has located two full time staff in Pohnpei, FSM to support our client develop the in-house skills, experience and capability to both operate their expanding energy asset portfolio and to manage the assets over their life. Balance has been developing asset management and operational management modules integrated into the client's systems, developing asset management frameworks, competency frameworks, work procedures and conducting both formal and on the job training of staff.

Meat Processing Plant and Warehouse

Balance provides a consultancy service for prospective commercial clients that have high loads leading to a high annual electricity cost. Balance analyses the energy consumption of the business and creates conceptual designs backed up with solid costing options and life cycle assessment. The client runs a commercial meat processing facility that consumes high amounts of energy for the production of its products. The client wants to enable renewable energy technology and energy efficiency techniques within their facility to reduce their overall cost of electricity over time. Balance assisted by providing 15 conceptual design solutions that provided a return on investment between 2 to 10 years, including co-generation, Solar PV, compressor replacement and the replacement of existing lighting with LED lighting.

Pacific Island Energy Assessment

Balance conducted a detailed on-island engagement and assessment project for the Secretariat of the Pacific and the local utility.  Engaging with the 750 community members of one if the remote islands and examine the community's energy needs, costs and alternatives and recommend a commercial and physical path forward.

Pacific Island Energy Assessment and Training

Along with its local partner, Balance undertook an on-island community engagement and energy assessment for one of the un-electrified islands. The project involved the selection and training of local "energy champions" from each island community, the undertaking of a house by house energy needs survey, the collation and assessment of the survey outcomes, the development of alternative energy demand profiles and the concept design and costing of alternate energy supply alternatives.

Energy Product Assessment

Balance has provided a number of market competitiveness assessments for energy product developers. This work involved understanding of the capital and operating costs of the new technology, operating risk profile and an assessment of the product against its main competitor technologies over time. This techno-economic assessment is based upon a unique assessment model developed by Balance.

Energy Solution Development

Balance has undertaken a number of long term advisory projects to develop unique energy solutions for remote and challenging client needs.

ICRAR - SKA - power solution development
Low Frequency Antenna Array - Square Kilometre Array

Balance has been working for several years as one of three industry partners in the AADCC consortium undertaking pre-construction works for the LFAA to be based in Australia. Balance's work has included the identification and assessment of feasible options to power the concentrated and remote elements of the array, the development of detailed designs and costing for key elements of the emerging solutions and prototyping and RFI testing of solution elements.

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