Balance: Better Energy Platforms for Life

We created the Balance Services Group of Companies to deliver the best possible integrated, mid-scale energy platforms for clients in remote and network-constrained locations. Our passion is to build better energy platforms on which our clients and their users can build their lives and businesses. Better energy platforms will underpin the long-term success of your business or community.

Creating better energy platforms means that:

    • We take a holistic approach to service provision by balancing your wants and needs.
    • We demonstrate and provide you with the best life cycle value.
    • We create both commercial and technical flexibility so that the energy platform can change with your needs.
    • We ensure that the solution operates to the required standard of performance and cost over its life.
Balance Values

How does Balance do it?

    • When we work for our customers, we take a structured and staged approach to build up the best solution to meet both our customer’s needs as well as local standards.
    • We start with a focus on understanding your needs.
    • We don’t start with a technology or a product.
    • We want to understand what you want to achieve in terms of economic, social and environmental outcomes.
    • We create a range of options that are then narrowed down with your input to arrive at the right solution for you.
We build better energy platforms by utilising the experiences of our principals and they are typically underpinned by:

Modular Systems

    • We are constantly searching for, and developing relationships with “best of breed” technology and equipment providers in order to develop highly standardised modular solutions elements – including Solar PV, Concentrating Solar, Wind, Biomass, Diesel and Gas Generators, Control Systems and Short and Long Term Energy Storage.
    • Our deep knowledge of key equipment allows us to create a wide range of options for each application and allows Balance to customise the solution configuration in a flexible and low cost way – minimising upfront engineering costs.
    • The use of standardised modules reduces the cost of construction by significantly reducing the time and resources required on site.
    • At the end of a business contract, we always look to be able to redeploy the assets rather than decommission or write them off.

Standard Renewable Modules

    • We design, construct and operate modular renewable energy solutions as part of our “benchmark” product offering.
    • In the right application settings, this allows Balance to reduce life-cycle costs for our customers.
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